Kybotech Cares – Our Goal Of Waste-free Production

29th Jul 19 1:43 am by Charles Walton

With brands such as and, we are one of the UK’s largest garden building companies, placing Kybotech in a position where we can make a significant positive change.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact begins with sourcing the wood for our products from sustainable forests in the UK, Russia, and Sweden.

In the last few years, we’ve made a conscious effort to implement designated recycling management for cardboard, plastic and timber, as well as switching to LED lighting, where possible.

Other initiatives include chipping any waste wood we produce and using it as fuel for our biomass boiler or repurposing it as animal bedding.

Since installing our biomass boiler in 2017, we have seen significant reductions in our energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

Now, we are taking on the challenge of further cutting down our waste over the next 12 months. On this, founder of Kybotech, Charles Walton, said: “Maintaining our high environmental standards is very important to the team at Kybotech.

“We have a duty to do what we can to reduce our emissions and increase the volume of waste materials we recycle.

“I set up the business 20 years ago, and over those two decades have seen environmental concerns become more important to our customers and society as a whole.

“We work with one of the most recyclable raw materials in the world, but still have to take into account whether it’s been treated before we dispose of it.

“Over the next 12 months, I’m confident we’ll reduce our waste further and continue to look for innovative solutions to reuse and recycle, where possible.”

More about Kybotech:
Currently, Kybotech has over 220 employees worldwide, producing high-quality outdoor sheds, log cabins, playhouses, greenhouses and garden buildings. They ship these products across the UK with over 800 buildings in the range at present.