Christian, 3D Visualiser

1st Mar 22 12:27 pm by Samuel Marlow

Here at Kybotech, we’re always on the lookout for new talent – for people and personalities that gel with our company ideals and are hungry for success. So to understand what life at Kybotech is like, we think there’s no better way than to talk to some of the real people who work there.

Check out their answers below to see if Kybotech is the right fit for you!

Morning Christian, so which brand do you (primarily) work on?

So my work is focused on Garden Buildings Direct.

And what’s your role at Kybotech?

I’m a 3D visualiser for New Product Development (NPD).

And what does that involve exactly?

I produce 3D visuals of all types of structures for the website and marketing purposes.

Cool, and how long have you worked at Kybotech?

I’ve worked here for one year now.

And how big is your team?

I work within a team of three people.

painted designs
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

A Typical Day

So, can you give us “a day in your life” at Kybotech?

Sure. So first, I receive the base engineering models, then I apply realistic materials, like additional ironmongery and interior props etc. Those are then imported into larger exterior scenes based on the requirement for each type of building. Then the work begins to build an environment to best suit the product type. Then some additional studio-style renders are also part of my daily tasks.

Sound like you have your plate full – what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Strong Coffee! 😂

And how have you found working remotely during the past 1-2 years?

I’ve actually worked remotely for the past 4 years, so I’m well-equipped for it.

“I applied to Kybotech because I believed I could make a real difference”.


What’s one proud moment you’ve had whilst working here?

Every time I produce work that I feel is better than the last.

The Year Ahead

What’s on your list to achieve over the next year?

I think my goals for the year ahead would be: improving the realism in my work, and definitely honing my modelling skills.

Sounds good. Can we ask, how have you seen the company grow since you’ve been working here?

Well, I’ve seen the website gradually fill with my work (and that feels good).

sip-interior-officem-anglex200301 (1)
The renders and environments for the new Studi Garden Room

And any useful skills have you learned whilst working here?

Yeah – I’ve had to develop a workflow for multi-sized structures within a single environment. So I’ve streamlined the process to reduce the amount of input needed at render time. This is really invaluable in being time efficient!

Sounds like you’re on top of it – but can you remember any memorable facepalm moments at work? (It’s ok we’ve all had them!)

When you’re dealing with a lot of 3D assets there’s plenty of scope for the odd mistake 😑. A levitating chair only spotted at the last minute was a popular one!

“I get to work on so many different types of garden structure and build lots of new and exciting environments”.


Why Kybotech?

Why did you decide to apply to Kybotech – what was it about the role that seemed attractive?

I applied to Kybotech because I believed I could make a real difference and improve the feel of the website with my work.

What’s the best thing about working at Kybotech? Is the company working on improving anything that doesn’t work so well?

The best thing (from my perspective) is that I get to work on so many different types of garden structure and build lots of new and exciting environments. Each one helps me improve a different aspect of my skillset and I try to make each one a little better than the last.

And it looks like it’s working! Quickly –  how would you describe life at Kybotech in 5 words or less?

Perfect environment for personal improvement.

Nice, any advice for potential candidates?

Work hard and reap the benefits!

Thanks for your time – and if you want to follow in their footsteps, click to apply here.