Miya, Senior Customer Service Advisor

27th Mar 22 1:34 pm by Samuel Marlow

Here at Kybotech, we’re always on the lookout for new talent – for people and personalities that gel with our company ideals and are hungry for success. So to understand what life at Kybotech is like, we think there’s no better way than to talk to some of the real people who work there.

Check out their answers below to see if Kybotech is the right fit for you!

Which brand do you (primarily) work on/for?

All of them but with an aim to be working mainly on GBD (Garden Buildings Direct) and BillyOh.

What’s your role at Kybotech?

I’m a senior customer service advisor.

The Customer Care Team

Can you briefly explain what your role involves?

Assisting customers with any issues they may have with their order or any enquiries they may have surrounding their order. Helping Laura (my manager) with scheduling, metrics and reports for the care team and sales team. 

Also, training new staff on GBD, BillyOh and Bobbin and assisting the team with any issues with orders and complaints they may be struggling with. And a whole lot more – but I’ll keep it brief!

“I feel as though I’ve quickly become a valued member of the team”.

How long have you worked at Kybotech?

It’ll be 5 years in June.

And how big is your team?

So our care team is comprised of about 14 members based all over the place.

feedback hands
Credit: mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Can you explain “a day in your life” as a senior customer service advisor?

No two days are ever the same! My workday never passes without a new challenge or learning something completely new. As I help with multiple sides of the business, I’m always facing new customer enquiries. There’s always something new a customer needs help with, whether it’s a customer I’m helping directly or a customer I’m helping another care agent assist.

Ad what gets you out of bed and to work in the morning?

The fast-paced environment with constant stimulation. The new challenges each day brings.

“I’ve developed a professional personality that allows me to do my job effectively every day”.

Constant Improvement

So how have you found working remotely during the past 1-2 years?

I’ve really enjoyed working from home. I’ve found that I have a much better work-life balance and I feel more productive as I don’t have the everyday distractions an office can bring.

What’s one proud moment you’ve had whilst working here?

I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one moment – I’m proud of many over my time in the company. I started in the sales team in 2017 and I feel as though I’ve quickly become a valued member of the team. I now have experience in sales, care, cancellation across the GBD, BillyOh and Bobbin teams. 

I feel as though I’m trusted by my manager and have opportunities to develop and expand my personal skills. I would say my career progression and the trust my management have in me to take on the new challenges and help with new projects such as with new acquisitions, and my recent promotion to “Senior” are also proud moments. 

Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash

I’m also very proud of the fact that I pushed myself to get involved in more aspects of the business, such as understanding Consumer Law to help our customers further. This made me realise I really enjoy the legal understanding and pushed me to start working towards a Law degree in my spare time.

That’s incredible! And what’s on your list to achieve over the next year?

With the new responsibilities I now have after the Bobbin acquisition, I want to work on my personal development with better time management.

So how have you seen the company grow since you’ve been working here?

When I started the UK sales team was a new development only making outbound calls and we didn’t have a UK care team at all. I’ve seen these teams both come into their own and grow so quickly. We’ve also developed new products to keep up with customer demand and introduced new options such as pressure treated garden buildings.

Skills (and hiccups!)

What useful skills have you learned whilst working here?

My entire work ethic has been developed through working here, as I started working here at 18. I was young and keen to learn but didn’t really have much “work ethic” given that I’d just left school. I’ve developed a professional personality that allows me to do my job effectively every day.

Can you remember a memorable facepalm moment at work? (It’s ok we’ve all had them!)

There is a CCTV clip of me falling completely off a chair in the office which is 100% worth a watch! (I improved by getting a new chair, of course). 

Kybotech Logo

Why did you decide to apply to Kybotech – What was it about the role that seemed attractive?

The advert itself stood out – I remember the first line being “do you think you could sell ice to an eskimo?”. I wanted a new challenge – I’d worked in a few different sales jobs and wanted to try a different category of sales. Since the challenges never stopped coming, I stuck with it!

What’s the best thing about working at Kybotech? 

Flexibility, great colleagues, and always something new to get your teeth stuck into.

How would you describe life at Kybotech in 5 words or less?

Challenging, rewarding, stressful 😉, diverse, interesting.

Any advice for potential candidates?

If you’re someone who wants to work on bettering yourself, if you’re willing to put the work in and ready to receive constructive criticism in a constantly fast-paced environment with a new challenge every day, then Kybotech is the place for you.

Thanks for your time – and if you want to follow in their footsteps, click to apply here.