News Alert: Trueshopping Relaunches

4th Mar 22 2:27 pm by Samuel Marlow

Trueshopping has been relaunched this week after the team at Kybotech gave the website a makeover.

The marketing and web development team have revamped another of the company’s latest acquisitions in record time to get the website up and running and ready to sell again. Simplifying the menu and navigation to help with UX, a concerted effort was made to “tighten up” the website.

Trueshopping product listing page
The team simplified the layout of the website to make each visit enjoyable.

Trueshopping will offer an extensive gardening range to the public, with products including:

  • Gardening tools
  • Power tools
  • Weed control tools
  • Planters
Trueshopping lamp product page
Trueshopping offers a range of contemporary rattan products

As well as a home and outdoor leisure range. So if you’re looking to get started on some DIY projects around the house or garden, Trueshopping will probably have what you want. And all at a great price!

Just click the link here to check it out.