Samuel, Product Executive

1st Feb 22 10:49 am by Samuel Marlow

Here at Kybotech, we’re always on the lookout for new talent – for people and personalities that gel with our company ideals and are hungry for success. So to understand what life at Kybotech is like, we think there’s no better way than to talk to some of the real people who work there.

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Hi Sam, so which brand do you work on?

Mainly on Bobbin.

And what’s your role at Kybotech?

I’m a product executive. So I mainly deal with custom sales and aftercare of products.

How long have you worked at Kybotech?

I’ll have worked at Kybotech for roughly 2 years in February!

How big is your team department?

There are 3 main team members including myself (but we do get occasional help from other departments!).

A Typical Day

Explain “a day in your life” at the company:

So I’m in charge of all aftercare involved with Bobbin bikes. This includes answering emails from our customers about general queries or even suggestions for our website – as we pride ourselves on the customer experience. I also answer any sales questions – for example, if our customers are unsure about which size bikes would be best for them or their kids, I can point them in the right direction from our wide range of choices.

And what gets you out of bed and to work in the morning?

The drive to know that my actions will help our customers have their best experience while shopping with us.

“My level of business understanding has risen 10 fold”.

Awesome – and how have you found working remotely during the past 1-2 years?

I’ve enjoyed the self-management of my time and resources. And the Google meetings keep up to date with all of the work that needs to be done as well as keep friendships going with colleagues. It’s been great!

Achievements and Goals

What’s one proud moment you’ve had whilst working here?

Growing as a confident professional in general and learning new skills to help me with future endeavours.

What’s on your list to achieve over the next year?

Expanding on the Bobbin brand and hopefully leading to a growing team and many more satisfied customers!

Sounds good, and how have you seen the company grow since you’ve been working here?

Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen the company take on Covid19 extremely well – the transition from office to home was seamless, and in my experience, more productive and efficient. The company has dealt really well with material shortages and price rises and tried its best not to carry that over to the customer.

“We pride ourselves on the customer experience”.

What useful skills have you learned whilst working here?

Social skills, patience, organisation, preparation, routine management; and the inner workings of social media and trading platforms.

Skills (and hiccups!)

Can you remember a memorable facepalm moment at work? (It’s ok we’ve all had them!) How did you improve from this?

My biggest facepalm moment has to be when I first started taking phone calls and trying to learn the phonetic alphabet! I can safely say I’m now up to speed (but might throw a few odd ones in to confuse my colleagues).

And what about the role at Kybotech seemed attractive?

Kybotech was perfect for me as I hadn’t long-finished university and the multiple graduate schemes they had seemed too good to miss. I’ve since had exposure to many areas in the business and my level of business understanding has risen 10 fold.

Bobbin Bikes banner
Samuel deals with Bobbin bikes product aftercare.

What’s the best thing about working at Kybotech?

The best thing about working for Kybotech is the freedom to control your day and self-management. Self-motivation is important, but it can be difficult to keep going so – that’s why Kybotech has worked hard on communication throughout the teams and Google meetings within teams to keep the human and social aspects going.

How would you describe life at Kybotech in 5 words or less?

Ambitious. Growth. Understanding. Resourceful. Opportunity.

Lastly, any advice for potential candidates?

The advice I’d give is to come here expecting to soak up a lot of knowledge about the industry and the behind-the-scenes (BTS) of business. There’s a lot to be given if you’re willing to learn!

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