How Smart Home Energy Solutions Can Help Save the Planet

9th May 18 4:39 pm by edward

We make choices in where and how we spend our hard-earned money every day. When we decide to support an eco-friendly product or service, we can be happy we are making a difference.

Buying products that are kind to the earth are not only smart home energy solutions, but you support an organization who makes them. This is good for your community, good for you, good for Mother Earth.

You may not think that you are contributing much to saving the planet with your small choices, but you are. You are because there are thousands of other people doing the same thing.

We’ve put together some ways you help keep it green.

Smart Home Energy Solutions

There are so many ways you can make a difference to not only saving energy but saving money, as well. Many eco products can really help you cut back on energy consumption. Just changing up a few products you buy each week can make a huge difference.


Start with plastic bags. It seems by now everyone should be using their own reusable shopping bags for their groceries.

But you can get reusable bags for your bread, for produce, even for those of you who prefer to buy bulk. By using these bags, you help keep millions of plastic bags out of landfills, the ocean and blowing around, getting stuck in trees.

You can find mesh bags, bags from recycled materials or, for those creative types, you can make your own from old clothing or fabric you have around the house.


if you already use a travel mug or take your own lunch to work in reusable containers, you can also use those for your coffee from a coffee shop. You can offer your own container for your takeaway lunch at a restaurant, as well.

Some stores that sell their products in plastic will offer you a discount for bringing them back, and some even will refill their product in the same bottle, to save money and reduce waste.


This is another area that has really jumped onboard with eco-friendly items. You can find green material in everything from party dresses to animal-friendly leathers, you can really make a difference here.

So many items of clothing just end up clogging the landfills, when they don’t need to. Good quality materials can be repurposed into other items, resold at consignment stores or even just donated to charities.

Alternative and eco-friendly clothing and footwear have come a long way over the years in style, comfort, and preservation methods. it’s so important to ask and read the labels.


Finding healthy, sustainable products for your garden are easier than ever. There are green planters to get away from plastic, toys, furniture and more. You can set up your own composting area, to help keep your garbage under control and help your plants at the same time.

Fabulous choices for furniture, playhouses for the kids, or a shed to keep your tools and yard supplies in. There are also toys, accessories for the pool and BBQs, all in a variety of choices.

There are also smart ideas for lighting in the back garden with energy efficient light bulbs or solar lights.


Besides keeping the lights off when you don’t need them, you can find eco-efficient light bulbs. There is no end of choices for green light bulbs. You can try candles and solar lights, as well, for a different setting and creating a softer or romantic mood.

There are dimmers you can install to keep the lights lowered and use less energy and there are motion sensors or timers you can also have put in, to keep the lights moderated.

Set the lights to turn on when you arrive home, so you don’t have to come into a dark house, also saves you from leaving a light on all day in preparation. Motion detectors will give you light as you arrive and then turn off.

Heating and Cooling

Heating your home with non-fossil fuels is a great way to save energy and money. It also cuts down on your ecological footprint considerably. One of the most popular ways is solar panels or solar powered products.

The solar-powered products or panels are very smart home energy solutions. They need very little maintenance and deliver clean, green power for years and years. You will see an amazing difference in your electricity bill. Great for home or business.

Energy efficient air conditioners or heaters can help, as can not using them as often. Only turn them on when you really need to, and try using fans, either electric or hand-held for heat and wearing more clothing and more bedding, for the cold.


Making better choices of what you and your family eat makes a huge contribution to keeping it green. Smart food choices are a really great way to let food producers know you mean business.

  • Read labels
  • Buy local
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Refuse excess packaging
  • Eat more raw foods

When you buy locally grown foods, you support the community, your local farmer, and you make a big difference. Try to buy your produce from farmer’s markets, grow your own or trade goods with a neighbor or community share program.

Buy foods in season, rather than imported produce. It usually tastes bland, anyhow, and was not likely grown naturally. This helps you, the community, and the planet, just by making an easy choice in your food selections.

Go Green or Go Home

There are so many ways you can make a difference to your energy bills and costs, and be kind to Mother Earth. It all just starts with one person, one plastic bag and one green step at a time.

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a difference. Replacing your light bulbs, getting sustainable bags for purchases and shopping locally is a great way to start.

For more information about smart home energy solutions, please contact us with any questions you may have.