Sarah, Social Media Assistant

27th Jan 22 12:05 pm by Samuel Marlow

Here at Kybotech, we’re always on the lookout for new talent – for people and personalities that gel with our company ideals and are hungry for success. So to understand what life at Kybotech is like, we think there’s no better way than to talk to some of the real people who work there.

Check out their answers below to see if Kybotech is the right fit for you!

Hi Sarah, so which brand do you (primarily) work on/for?

So I work for Garden Buildings Direct, BillyOh and Ritely (and more recently on Bobbin too!).

Wow, that’s a lot to juggle! And what department do you work in?

I work in the marketing department.

Sarah’s Role

So what’s your role within that department?

“Social media assistant” is my official title.

And can you briefly explain what your role involves, Sarah?

So I work closely with our marketing coordinator (Holly) to create engaging content for the 4 brands (Ritely, Garden Buildings Direct, and BillyOh) and their social media presence. This includes keeping the social media channels updated and brand-focused, and seeking out new tactics and ways of connecting with audiences!

Sounds cool – how long have you been doing that at Kybotech?

Almost 2 years now.

“The trust in my work is, I think, the best thing about working at Kybotech”.


Sarah’s Day-to-Day

Nice, so what does “a day in Sarah’s life” at Kybotech look like?

Well, to start the week, I create a weekly social report for the 4 brands and report back to Holly.

Then for my day-to-day tasks, I start with checking all notifications on each account and responding to all Instagram DMs. I also reply to comments on posts (including Google reviews) so that we’re offering a constant presence.

GBD instagram post
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Then I start on some small tasks for the accounts (content images and customer image outreach using official hashtags, community engagement etc.). After that, I usually create 1-2 weeks worth of posts and Instagram stories in advance. This includes writing captions and creating/designing graphic images and stories.

Oh, I also create and design Pinterest pins for the accounts!

Cool, and what gets you out of bed in the morning to do all that?

Well, aside from a good breakfast 😋 – being praised for a job well done, and believing in the work I do. I like knowing that I’m appreciated, because I give my all to my job, and I also like knowing that the work I’m doing is producing results that matter to the company!

BillyOh Instagram post
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Work and Achievements

How have you found working remotely during the past 1-2 years?

Well, as much as I enjoy working remotely, I do miss being in the office! I only got a chance to work in the office for maybe…2 weeks before the pandemic happened!

Working from home is very challenging but if you have a separate working space you’re good to go.

What’s one proud moment you’ve had whilst working here?

I was able to increase the brands’ Instagram followers and contribute to the success of the social media accounts.

And what’s on your list to achieve over the next year?

I’d like to be able to create more creative and interactive content and of course gain more interactions for the accounts.

Kybotech Logo

Life at Kybotech

Can you remember a memorable facepalm moment at work? (It’s ok we’ve all had them!) How did you grow/improve from this?

Oh, I remember it vividly! I can’t quite remember what I’d done but I managed to get locked out of the BillyOh Instagram account 😬. I thought we won’t be able to log in ever again!

Why did you decide to apply to Kybotech?

I think it’s because Kybotech didn’t only look at the experience you have but rather the eagerness and determination to get the job done.

What’s the best thing about working at Kybotech? Is the company working on improving anything that doesn’t work so well?

The trust in my work is, I think, the best thing about working at Kybotech. I have full access to the accounts and I get to decide and freely create content (with Holly’s approval of course!).

How would you describe life at Kybotech in 5 words or less?


Any advice for potential candidates?

Yep – you don’t have to be perfect, just be yourself! Remember that skills can be easily taught but attitude can’t. So come with a good work ethic!

Thanks for your time Sarah – and if you want to follow in their footsteps, click to apply here.