Glaiza, Sales Representative

1st Feb 22 10:58 am by Samuel Marlow

Here at Kybotech, we’re always on the lookout for new talent – for people and personalities that gel with our company ideals and are hungry for success. So to understand what life at Kybotech is like, we think there’s no better way than to talk to some of the real people who work there.

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Hi Glaiza, so which brand do you (primarily) work on?

Well, I actually work across both BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct.

Ok, and what’s your role at Kybotech?

So I’m part of the sales department – but more on chat support. I’m in charge of answering queries over live chat, social media and I also answer the tickets for sales.

Sounds busy! And how long have you worked at Kybotech?

I’ve been with the company for 3 years now!

How big is your immediate department?

So we’re 5 people in sales.

“Failure is part of success”.

Working at Kybotech

Can you briefly explain “a day in your life” at the company?

The first thing I do when I log in is to check the messages on social media, answer them and then move on to the tickets. After that, I’ll focus on answering messages over the live chat as they come in.

How have you found working remotely during the past 1-2 years?

At first, it was kind of awful! I just wasn’t used to it. I love being with my colleagues at the office, but now, after we learned how to communicate with each other remotely, it makes it a lot easier.

And what’s one proud moment you’ve had whilst working here?

Whenever a customer commends you for helping them with their query it’s a great feeling; and when our managers appreciate our efforts.

What’s on your list to achieve over the next year?

I want to learn and grow more at Kybotech and become the best version of myself.

And any useful skills that you’ve learned whilst working here?

Yep – I’ve learned how to multi-task and how to manage my time well every day.

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Can you remember a memorable facepalm moment at work? (It’s ok we’ve all had them!) How did you grow/improve from this?

Oh yes! When a customer asks a specific question that I don’t know the answer to. But, I make sure to get in touch with my colleagues to ask them  – we always don’t know everything and there’s no harm in asking!

Life at Kybotech

What’s the best thing about working at Kybotech? 

The people – they’re all so kind.

How would you describe life at Kybotech in 5 words or less?

It feels like home.

Any advice for potential candidates?

Work hard, always gives your best and do what you love! And please don’t be afraid to fail, as failure is part of success.

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