Overlooked Things That Play Big Roles in Workplace Productivity

26th Mar 18 1:52 am by Charles Walton

The average office workplace has undergone a major shift in the last five years.

Cubicles are being replaced by team tables and vending machines being replaced by beer taps.

While traditionalists may disapprove, these changes have proven to enhance productivity.

Many traditional work hours are being replaced by a more personal schedule. Employees now realize their employee’s job satisfaction is directly connected to productivity.

This is proven by research stating that employees who are happy in their jobs are more motivated in their work.

Are you looking for ways to enhance your workplace productivity?

Keep reading to discover overlooked flaws likely hurting your workplace productivity.

1. Poor Workplace Design

Do you feel that your workplace is built for success?

A recent study found 85 percent of surveyed employees agree the design of their workplace is important. Of this 85 percent, only 57 percent feel their current workplace encourages productivity.

The number one complaint of those reportedly unsatisfied?

A workplace environment that promotes independence and does not encourage team-bonding or socialization.

The aim is to create a workspace with team areas inspiring face-to-face interaction and collaboration. This encourages employees to take breaks and build essential workplace relationships.

The end result?

Happy employees with high production rates.

2. Cold Temperatures

Is your office is freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer? If so, it’s likely these off-putting temperates are affecting productivity.

An experiment conducted at Cornell University tested the relationship between temperate and productivity. The research discovered that low temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius cause employees to make 44 percent more mistakes. In addition, employees were half as productive compared to when the temperate was 25 degrees.

With the colder temperatures, employees were forced to allocate their energy to keep warm. This reserved less energy for focus, creativity, and concentration.

3. Implementation of Traditional Working Hours

Do you find that your brain works better late into the night?

Research states that some people are biologically not morning people. This means they are unable to be productive until later in the day.

Employers now understand that not all humans are built the same. Companies are ditching the 9-17:00 working hours and encouraging a more personal schedule.

For those not productive in the morning, traditional 9-17:00 hours would rid them of their ability to work throughout the night.

This is all the more reason to allow employees to create a work schedule that best suits their productivity.

So long as work is being completed on time, a traditional 9-17:00 is not always necessary.

4. Lack of Socialization

Could your office benefit from a little more socialization?

Research has found workplace chatter is proven to increase productivity. This theory is based on the hypothesis that humans are naturally social animals.

When direct socialization is absent, employees turn to alternate forms of socialization. These are non-verbal social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

These methods of “socialization” have proven more distracting and less beneficial than traditional conversation. They are also more likely to make employees feel tired and unmotivated.

Research indicates that employees connect a sense of belonging to their productivity. Encouraging employees to socialize and form relationships is essential to creating an environment that fosters productivity.

After all, we are all familiar with the mantra “work hard, play hard”.

This can be established by creating co-working spaces and having established areas for socialization.

5. An absence of Natural Light

Most of us know what it’s like to work in a cubicle. It’s dark, removed from the outside world and simply depressing.

Let’s consider that scientifically all living things need light in order to function properly.

A study connecting natural light and productivity found a positive correlation between the two.

The research found that employees who were connected to natural sunlight saw a 15 percent increase is well-being. This was also followed by a six percent increase in overall productivity.

The research also indicates that adequate natural light prevents employees from becoming lethargic and uninspired.

Looking to increase the natural light in your work environment?

Try replacing traditional walls or dividers with glass walls or glass doors and watch that natural sunlight pour in.

6. Inadequate Working Options

If you found one simple way to increase your productivity by 50 percent, you’d probably want to try it. Right?

What if we told you this was as simple as refusing to remain seated throughout the day?

The truth is, long periods of sitting are linked to increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and spine issues.

Not only is sitting throughout the workday bad for your health, it also hampers workplace productivity. Research states that when employees are bound to a chair all day, their work suffers.

A study found that employees who used “sit-stand” desks were 46 percent more productive than those using traditional desks.

The goal is to eliminate the notion that employees must remain seated to complete the day’s work.

Try providing alternate options such as “sit-stand” desks to encourage productivity.

7. Lack of Audio Stimulation

Have you ever felt listening to music helps to increase your productivity? Well, it turns out there’s some truth to that.

A recent study examined the relationship between music and workplace productivity.

The research found that upbeat music allowed employees to be more productive, and display higher levels of motivation.

Music also elevates job satisfaction and contributes to a more fun workplace environment. Employees reported higher levels of happiness and interaction when music was being played.

Music can also help to block out distractions that may be present in a silent work environment. After all, we all know that coworker with the nervous leg tap.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Workplace Productivity?

Are you ready to maximize production and grow your company?

The best companies understand that a healthy work environment is essential to productivity.

The age-old mantra “healthy environment creates happy employees” clearly has some truth to it.

If you’re ready to grow your business, you’re going to want to make these changes.

The result?

A significantly more happy, healthy and productive workplace for all.

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