Working For Kybotech

10th Jan 17 11:11 am by edward


Here at Kybotech our staff are considered valued assets of the company. Our employees help the whole organisation run like a well-oiled machine. It’s a great experience being part of the team, with the entire UK operation run from a new base in Worksop. However, Kybotech would not be able to run so efficiently without its workforce in the Philippines. The team assists all working aspects of the company, aiding the UK base.

Being such an efficient company we aim to attract the most qualified people who want to take pride in customer satisfaction. We take our values very seriously, which have been at the foundation of Kybotech since its formation in 2000.

All staff are considered individuals with each as important as the next. We recognise the need of offering a reward for merit, whilst giving great support and commitment to all our employees.

Kybotech offers an employee promise with the principles of trust, honesty, diversity, integrity and commitment. By applying these values our staff are able to maximise their skill set and experience, achieving both company and personal goals.


Part of the Kybotech service is constant development. In order to give the best possible satisfaction, our products must be changing to satisfy customer demand.

We take huge pride in our company motto ‘We are good people making happy customers.’ At Kybotech we always put the customer first making them our top priority. The aim of our products is to please the customer, making certain we cater to all of their needs and wants.

Being fair is the core principle of the Kybotech strategic purpose. Our main responsibility is to provide customers with the highest quality product for a fair price.

Although working at Kybotech can at times be challenging, fundamentally it is a rewarding, positive experience seeing great customer satisfaction.