Our Story

Kybotech was founded by Charles Walton in 2000 above his parents' garage. Since then, the company has grown to include multiple retail websites, consumer brands, manufacturing operations, and logistics.

We’ve been in business for over a decade. Here are some major milestones along the way.

The year was

Kybotech ranked 150 in Top 200 Companies in Nottinghamshire.

The year was

NowTheNails joins the family as the first non-garden and non-outdoor related business in the portfolio. This signifies the start of Kybotech’s expansion into other fields.

The year was

A new IT development team is created to take charge of keeping Kybotech and other related websites at par with the latest innovations and advancements in information technology.

The year was

Enhanced storage capacity of the Sutton site to be able to accommodate the increasing demand.

The year was

Redeveloped Sutton site by adding three extra units.

The year was
  • Enlists Kyatu to help enforce marketing of our brands and products.
  • Opened a larger Tuxford manufacturing site to increase overall production capacity.
  • Opened Drayton warehouse to provide additional storage capacity.
The year was

Kybotech began manufacturing its own products as well as help manufacture products for members of its portfolio.

The year was

Created the BillyOh brand.

The year was
  • First own branded product is successfully developed.
  • Created the MadDash brand. Moved office into Parry Business Park HQ.
The year was
  • SimplyGreenHouses joins the family.
  • GardenCentreDirect is included in the portfolio.
  • Moved into the first office.
The year was
  • Simply garden furniture is added to the portfolio.
  • FlamingBarbecues becomes a member of the Kybotech family.
The year was
  • OutdoorToysDirect joins the portfolio.
  • GardenBuildingsDirect becomes the first member of the Kybotech family.
  • Kybotech is founded by Charles Walton above his parents’ garage.