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Blog Are You Over Caffeinated? How Coffee Affects the Brain

Is being caffeinated the only way you feel like you can get through your day? It would be great to have a job that inspires you everyday so you don’t need all that caffeine. But alas, not all of us can be so lucky. Ah, caffeine. For some of us, it feels like our lifeblood […]

Blog Is Sitting the New Smoking? How to Avoid Health Problems From Sitting

When you think of dangerous activities, you may think of smoking and riding motorcycles. But what if we said sitting down is part of this list? You may know of the detriment long hours of sitting can have on your health. Unfortunately, more people are going through a sedentary life without this knowledge. One study […]

Blog Kybotech Ranks Top 150 Companies In Nottinghamshire

Kybotech has just been ranked 150 in the Top 200 Companies in Nottinghamshire. An article recently published by the Nottingham Post compiled Nottinghamshire’s Top 200 Companies 2017, as ranked by turnover, with Kybotech ranking 150 on the list. Kybotech shares the stage with companies such as Boots UK, Sports Direct and Wilko’s. As innovators in […]

articles Working For Kybotech

Here at Kybotech our staff are considered valued assets of the company. Our employees help the whole organisation run like a well-oiled machine. It’s a great experience being part of the team, with the entire UK operation run from a new base in Worksop. However, Kybotech would not be able to run so efficiently without […]

Blog Kybotech to donate a share of its profit to support Typhoon Aid

Kybotech a manufacturer and online retailer of garden, home and leisure products is supporting disaster relief in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, left a trail of destruction. Kybotech director William Walton has said the company is “pursuing many avenues to raise funds to support the British Red Cross […]

Blog The Latest on the Kybotech Network and Websites

The Kybotech News and Updates section is focused on helping consumers, suppliers, and other relevant parties keep track with the changes in Kybotech related products and services as well as modifications in related websites. We allocate a significant amount of resources to sustain our research and development activities so that we can continuously improve our […]